Jurisdictional Consequences in some brain condition | 49461

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Jurisdictional Consequences in some brain condition

7th Global Experts Meeting on NEUROPHARMACOLOGY

July 31-August 02, 2017 | Milan, Italy

Luisetto Mauro

European specialist in lab medicine, Italy

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Abstract :

In jurisdictional situation one most important milestones is to determinate when a fact is voluntary and when not to determinate the entity of the legal penalty in some crime situations. A deep knowledge in pato-phisiological psychology and neurology can help the judge in this specific Contest to be added to the neuroscientist expert official opinion .(1) The same this information can be used in order to reconsider old crime process in the right light or for Insurance or any other interested in. To have a really objective method can help in this process. Discussion conclusion: In order to improve the knowledge in some crime behaviors we think is useful consider the Physiopathology of amygdala and related systems whit all science methods available today. ΓΆΒ?Β?In activation of amygdala the response is more rapid than when involved the frontal cortex ΓΆΒ?Β?(2) this publication has not any therapeutic or diagnostic intent only to produce scientific hypotesys.

Biography :

Mauro Luisetto, obtained his Pharm D in 1995 from the Turin University. Working as Public hospital pharmacist manager since 2008 at Piacenza Area, Italy. European specialist in laboratory medicine ec4 registered in 2014. He has hospital skills and knowledge in medicine laboratory, biochemistry, toxicologypharmacology lab analyses, therapeutic drug monitoring and have experience as a community pharmacist. Several course in management field (project, strategic, change management, total quality management, knowledge management, Healthcare management and Human resource management).