Journal of Neuroscience and Neuropharmacology

Nervous System

The network of nerve cells and which transmits nerve impulses between different parts of the body. The nervous system consists of the brain, sensory organs, spinal cord and all of the nerves that connect these organs with the rest of the body.The nervous system controls everything you do, including breathing, walking, thinking, and feeling. This system is made up of your brain, spinal cord, and all the nerves of your body. The brain is the control center and the spinal cord is the major highway to and from the brain. The nerves carry the messages to and from the body, so the brain can interpret them and take action.The human nervous system contains approximately 10 billion nerve cells. These neurons are the basic building blocks of the nervous system. Neurons consist of the nerve cell body and various extensions from the cell body. These extensions, or processes, are the dendrites branches off the cell that receive electrical impulses, the axon the electrical wiring and conduit tube that conducts impulses, and specialized endings terminal areas to transfer impulses to receivers on other nerves or muscles. 

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