Innovation of cotton germplasm of drought and salinity tolerance

Journal of Neuroscience and Neuropharmacology

Innovation of cotton germplasm of drought and salinity tolerance

Joint Event on 11th World Congress on Euro Neuropharmacology & International Conference on Plant Physiology & Biotechnology

May 06-07, 2019 | Prague, Czech Republic

Wuwei Ye

Institute of Cotton Research- CAAS, China

Keynote: J Neurosci Neuropharm

Abstract :

Cotton, a kind of crops with strong drought- and salt-resistance, is important to explore excellent drought- or salt-tolerant genes and improve the level of drought- or salt-tolerance on cotton. The study was performed with Gossypium hirsutum cv ZhongH177 and Zhong9835 as the material, 12 genes of droughtor salinity-resistance were isolated from the mitochondria, which plays an essential role in drought- and salt-tolerance of plants. Based on 0.4% salt stress method, we obtained three salt-tolerance related gene ccmC, rps12 and nad3 from mitochondria of cotton. We cloned them from (Gossypium hirsutum L., a droughtand salt-tolerance variety). Subsequently, the analysis of biological information were used; subcellular localization of those genes were found out; based on overexpression vector, transformed into Arabidopsis thaliana by floral-dip method and transformed into cotton by gene gun transgenic technology. The over-expression vector pBI121-rps12, pBI121-ccmC and pBI121-nad3 were constructed and transferred into cotton by gene gun transgenic technology, which laid a certain foundation for further analysis salt-tolerant molecular mechanism and salt resistance germplasm innovation of cotton.

Biography :

Wuwei Ye is a Professor and Deputy Director in Cotton Germplasm Research Department of Institute of Cotton Research at CAAS, China. He has been involved in studies related to cotton germplasm identification, innovation and biodiversity research for 30 years, focusing on resistant on cotton germplasm, such as salinity and drought-resistance. He is responsible for the coordination of identification and implementation of cotton germplasm identification center in China.

E-mail: [email protected]