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Sofina Lin

Editorial Office, Neuroscience and Neuropharmacology, Germany


  • Short Communication   
    Therapy of Parkinson Disease
    Author(s): Sofina Lin*

    Parkinson's Illness (PL) was at first portrayed as a "shaking paralysis" by Dr. James Parkinson in 1817. It's a long haul, moderate neurodegenerative ailment with both engine and nonmotor side effects. Through its dynamic degenerative consequences for development and strong capacity, the infection clinically affects patients, families, and carers. Albeit the presence of nonmotor indications recommends neuronal misfortune in nondopaminergic locales, the deficiency of striatal dopaminergic neurons is attributed to the engine side effects of PD.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2469-9780.2022.8(1).164

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