The Challenge of Overcoming Schizophrenia and a True Vision | 45487

Journal of Neuroscience and Neuropharmacology


The Challenge of Overcoming Schizophrenia and a True Vision for the Future

Sukanchan Palit

Schizophrenia is devastating ailment. There is no end to the agony and pain behind the illness. As a schizophrenic, I am keen to write a deeply comprehensive treatise on this ailment which destroyed my life. At each step of human progress, schizophrenia devastates the future vision of a human being. This is an extremely poignant article which will touch teeming millions of sufferers throughout the world. The cause, progress and the present status of my health is delineated in lucid details. It was a disastrous start of my illness. Confusion and hallucination reigned high in the midst of tremendous uncertainties. But medication with Clozapine and psychological counseling pulled me out of the catastrophe. Schizophrenia is an unending agony in my life. The vision of this treatise is to create a far-reaching awareness about the cause, progress of recovery and the ultimate vision of medicinal counseling. Advancement of science and technology, the arduous path of scientific progress and the tremendous progression of the ailment of schizophrenia will go a long way in the true emancipation of freedom from an irreversible illness and the true scientific truth. The author goes at length on the topic of the crisis of health issues, the progress of recovery and the final and true emancipation of medical science. Medical science is moving from one visionary avenue over another. The message of this treatise is towards the silent sufferers. The wide vision, the utmost targets and the process of recovery will surely open up new dimensions of hope for the silent sufferers in years to come. The message to the silent sufferers are vast and visionary. The author also with deep and intricate insight deals with the subject of neuropsychiatry relating to his illness. The wide vision is unparalleled and unimaginable. The world of challenges the author had to face is delineated with agonizing details.