Dedicated Neuronal Ensembles in the Cerebral cortex | Abstract

Journal of Neuroscience and Neuropharmacology


Dedicated Neuronal Ensembles in the Cerebral cortex

Dennis Zhang*

Although continuous activity and stimulus responses are combined in neural activity in the sensory cortex, it is still unknown whether these reflect the same underlying dynamics or different processes. In the current study, we demonstrate in mice that the neuronal assemblages elicited by sounds in the auditory cortex and thalamus during awake are unique to the stimulus and different from the assemblies seen in continuous activity. In contrast, evoked assemblies in the cortex are indistinguishable from continuing assemblies when subjected to three different anesthetics. In the thalamus, they continue to be different, nonetheless. This dynamic state change brought on by anesthesia is accompanied by a substantial remapping of sensory responses