Unusual orbital trauma | 48591

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Unusual orbital trauma

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April 25-27, 2016 Dubai, UAE

Naser Salihu and Belinda Pustina

University Clinical Center of Kosovo, Kosovo

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Abstract :

Every orbital trauma represents a serious condition, because in most of the cases is associated with face and head trauma. We represent an unusual case of 12 years old boy with multiple face trauma associated with bilateral globe avulsion and optic nerve transection. He was involved in a tractor accident while driving it. The first signs to be notice as a serious condition from the GP are bilateral globe luxation and acute loss of vision. In this situation we have to pay attention about these signs as they may be caused by fracture of midface and orbit. Because of the closely related anatomy between orbit and midface with brain and blood vessels, this kind of injury may be life threatening. This situation is an emergency which needs multidisciplinary approach. This case should raise awareness on preventing injuries caused by driving agriculture machines from children, especially in developing countries where these injuries are more often.

Biography :

Naser Salihu finished his residency in Medical Faculty in Ljubljana. He has completed his PhD in Medical Faculty at University of Prishtina. His interests in ophthalmology are anterior segment surgery, oculoplastic surgery and ocular trauma. He has published a lot of papers in International Journals. He also is the president of Kosovo Association of Ophthalmologists and head of trauma department in Eye Clinic, University Clinical Center of Kosovo.