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The consultation - taught by five cards

Annual Congress & Medicare Expo on Primary Healthcare

April 25-27, 2016 Dubai, UAE

Jan-Helge Larsen

General Practitioner, Denmark

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Abstract :

This workshop applies for all clinical working doctors because it presents a simple and effective tool for the consultation. The workshop gives you an easy way to find, train and learn the underlying dimensions of patient-centered care. The consultation can be divided into 3 parts: The Patients√ʬ?¬?, the Doctors√ʬ?¬? and the Common part. I want to share my experience using 5 cards to make the Patients√ʬ?¬? part into a patient-centered consultation and work less. The 5 cards in the Patients√ʬ?¬? part I will present and role-play. Then participants in groups of 3 will role-play. While letting the patient tell his narrative, you will have to imagine you have got 2 cards: 1) the receipt card: This card is the most important. It makes the patient to feel listened to and stimulated to go on. It relieves tension in the consultation. To be used before you give the other cards; 2) Summary card: Every time you summarize what the patient has told you, he will listen to you. That gives you the opportunity to control the conversation and make the patient to play one of her 3 cards like, the idea card: This card you must ask for at least one time, the concern card: Also this card you must ask for at least one time and the expectation card: Ask for it at least one time. It will clarify what you have to do in the consultation. To be considered in advance I will give a short presentation, role-play and then ask participants to role-play in pairs of 3. Some of the plays will be video-recorded and revised. Finally we will have a plenary discussion.

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