Strategic planning in implementing pediatric early warning signs | 49912

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Strategic planning in implementing pediatric early warning signs system and its impact on nurses compliance toward safe nursing care

Annual Child and Family Healthcare Nursing Conference

August 13-14, 2018 Bali, Indonesia

Ruqiah A Alzaher

King Abdullah Specialist Children Hospital, Saudi Arabia

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Abstract :

In last JCIA accreditation visit in 2015, it was recommended to introduce alert tool bedsides nurses to recognize patients at risk for clinical deterioration and to provide immediate needed assessment and care in a timely manner. Evidence showed that Pediatric Early Warning System (PEWS) improves safe patientā??s hospitalization. This project took a place in all pediatric in-patient units. Multiple PDSA cycles were used for this initiative. Implementation plan was put in place to train around 600 nurses. There were four modules used for training: Unit-based training, simulation based training, awareness campaigns and PEWS manual for nurses. During implementation, more than 70 training sessions were conducted. An audit tool was created to monitor nurseā??s compliance to PEWS protocols with audit methodology. The process measures that were monitored are timely assessment of PEWS score, escalation of PEWS score 5 and above if clinically indicated in a timely manner. After the complete implementation of PEWS on June 2017, collected data showed compliance rate of 91% to PEWS timely assessment and 95% escalating in a timely manner. High compliance rate has a positive impact on patient care in detecting acute ill patients. That led to decrease unplanned PICU admissions by 44%, mortality after unplanned PICU admission by 35%, decrease length of stay by 2 days per patient and decrease incidents reported by safety reporting system by 75%. PEWS implementation went successfully. It has a huge impact in patientā??s safety in our organization from different diminishes.

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