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Recognition and adolescents healthcare in Brazil

3rd Annual Congress & Medicare Expo on Primary Healthcare, Clinical & Medical Case Reports

April 17-19, 2017 Dubai, UAE

Monika Wernet

Federal University of Sao Carlos, Brazil

Posters & Accepted Abstracts: Primary Health Care

Abstract :

Health care, given the wide availability and strong pressure to incorporate scientific and biotechnological innovations, has the challenge of looking at relationships. Intersubjective relationships are the √ʬ?¬?substratum√ʬ?¬? of care and need to deal with the influence of power that circumscribe them in order to guarantee recognition and respect, essential to autonomy and citizenship. Axel Honneth's Theory of Recognition contains constructs and notes for taking relational and communicational inadequacies and conflicts. In this way, it has already been used to discuss health care, its policies and the worker√ʬ?¬?s experiences in health care. The presentation aim to discuss adolescent√ʬ?¬?s health care taking the Brazilian√ʬ?¬?s context, mainly the diagnoses throughout the adoption of Axel Honneth's Theory of Recognition, but with potential to be extended to other contexts.

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