Quality of life of the disabled elderly living in Udon Thani, Tha | 50430

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Quality of life of the disabled elderly living in Udon Thani, Thailand

11th Asia Pacific Global Summit on Healthcare

May 08-09, 2019 Tokyo, Japan

Panthiracha Fuongtong, Chonlakarn Songsri and Sirintip Kammeeon

Boromarajonani College of Nursing, Thailand

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Abstract :

Quality of Life (QOL) both physical and mental health domains, particularly, of the elderly reflect health care. The Disabled Elderly (DE) with good QOL can reduce demand for medical care and social services of health care and related institutes. This study was aimed to examine QOL of DE and their caregivers living in Udon Thani. The disabled elderly and caregivers, 247 of each group completed questionnaires produced by Sirindhorn National Medical Rehabilitation Institute, multi-institutes and WHO. The questionnaires consisted of four parts including: (1) Demographic data of the disabled elderly and caregivers; (2) Self-esteem of the disabled elderly; (3) QOL of the disabled elderly and caregivers (WHOQOL-BRIEF, Thai); and (4) Disability Assessment Schedule (WHODAS 2.0). Reliability of the questionnaires was 0.89. The results showed that DE had low self-esteem (x?=2.18, SD=0.93). The total score of QOL of DE and caregivers was low (x?=2.45, SD=1.22, x?=2.92, SD=1.43). However, DE and caregivers reported their everyday life was stable and save at high and moderate level, respectively (x?=3.03, SD=1.53; x?=2.96, SD=1.59). Most DE self-perceived health and disability status at low level (x?=1.97, SD=1.24); contrast with their caregivers who reported satisfied with the current health of DE at moderate level x?=2.96, SD=1.53). For limitation in mobile functioning, the most common type of limitations (51.00%), a 30-minute stand without any difficulty was observed with a mild disability (x?=2.58, SD=1.24). Low level of getting along with others was concerned in DE, studied population (x?=1.74, SD=1.11). It was found that self-esteem, QOL of DE and many disabilities become worse over the years; while QOL of their caregivers were slightly higher. The health status deteriorated with age results showed limitation of their daily functioning. Take good care of physical and mental health of DE and their caregivers by health and related institutes are recommended with ultimate goal of improving QOL of the elderly.

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