Perspectives and priorities in maternal health in India | 49933

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Perspectives and priorities in maternal health in India

4th World Congress on Health Economics, Health Policy and Healthcare Management

September 13-14, 2018 | Zurich, Switzerland

Saumya Shukla

Dr Shakuntala Misra National Rehabilitation University, India

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Abstract :

Maternal mortality in India accounts for about twenty per cent of overall global maternal deaths and could range from 50000-56000 per annum. As per WHO findings about 800 women die every day due causes relating to pregnancy and child birth in most of the developing countries. The state of Uttar Pradesh has highest maternal mortality as compared to other states of the country. This alarming magnitude attracts concern of policy makers, professionals and Government officials to identify the causative factors and leash out a road map for effective and urgent control and reduction in maternal mortality and morbidity rates. The present paper therefore addresses the issues and perspectives associated with maternal death after child birth, family planning, access to post partum care, social determinants including early marriage tradition and low social status of women causing malnutrition and poor access to health care etc. An in depth analysis of listed matrix of determinants was undertaken and a composite and conclusive findings tend to suggest following course corrective actions for consideration ? Women empowerment ? Social Education and enforcement of maternal health care programs ? Improving nutritional status of women and infants ? Prioritization of maternal health in national and state run health programs ? Integration of HIV/AIDS with maternal health In view of pivotal role played by women in agriculture, all industries, commerce, planning and execution, education, research etc, it would be prudent to expand the scope of opportunities apart from course corrective actions to effectively and substantially reduce both maternal mortality and morbidity.

Biography :

Saumya Shukla has more than eight years of comprehensive experience in the field of teaching Business Communication, Corporate Relations precisely working with a media house, She is a bachelor in Economic Honours from and an MBA in Marketing and Human Resources. She is pursuing a Phd in Health Economics and is an aspiring Entrepreneur in the field of Healthcare.