Personal health as a sphere of ideological confrontation: Some cu | 49937

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ISSN - 2167-1079

Personal health as a sphere of ideological confrontation: Some current issues

4th World Congress on Health Economics, Health Policy and Healthcare Management

September 13-14, 2018 | Zurich, Switzerland

Siarhei Karndrychyn

Minsk Regional hospital, Belarus

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Abstract :

The article discusses the multifaceted problem of ideological confrontation between the practices of natural or physiological healing and modern medicine, which has increasingly emphasized the role of medical science and technology. The choosing of certain ideological strategy may well affect the results of the health seeking behavior in adults with chronic diseases. The author describes the process of ideological transformation with an example from his personal experiences in healing of chronic venous insufficiency. The ideological dominance of modern medicine reduces the scope of natural or physiological healing methods, and intervention at the state level is needed for their wide implementation. These methods promotion is warranted with regard to their availability, efficiency and cost-neutrality. Some steps toward realization of governmental and public health policy for fostering self-managed curative programme are proposed.

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