Myofunctional postural rehabilitation: Interdisciplinary protocol | 49235

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Myofunctional postural rehabilitation: Interdisciplinary protocol

3rd Annual Congress & Medicare Expo on Primary Healthcare, Clinical & Medical Case Reports

April 17-19, 2017 Dubai, UAE

Silverio Di Rocca

MPR International School, Switzerland

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Abstract :

The Myofunctional Postural Rehabilitation (M P R) is a method that seeks balance between the stomatognathic system and the rest of the body; which can be used at any age, in dysfunctional and stroke patients. In physiotherapy, we commonly witness relapses in our treatments, and we are not aware that patients with chronic pain are sometimes visited by several specialists, without results. After a long and winding journey passing through many specialists in search for a solution, patients are sometimes even considered as psychiatric patients, and the specialist is disappointed with the outcomes. This happens because there isn├ó┬?┬?t a holistic optic in ours therapies. A major cause for which this happens is the negative action of the stomatognathic system on the static posture that goes to alter and disrupt the function of other receptors like the eye and foot. Dysfunction treatment should be carried out by identifying the origin of the disease and establishing the therapeutic priority. The M P R will teach you to identify these and treat the disease with natural and physiological treatments. At the seminar, diagnosis and treatment methods of the M P R will be discussed and explained.

Biography :

Silverio Di Rocca has completed his Graduation in Dentistry and Post-graduation in Functional Orthopaedics from University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has also done a degree in Dentistry and Prosthetic at the University of Turin, Italy and a Doctorate in Dentistry and Prosthetic at University of Turin, Italy. He is the Director of the MPR International School, Vice President, International Representative and Founder of API Swiss (International Association of Posturology, Switzerland). He is also a Professor in Amocoac Diplomate in Mexico and COMEI, College of Dentistry in Mexico, Associate Professor in ICOM (International College of Osteopathic Medicine) Milan, Italy and an International Honorary Member of AMOCOAC.