Mental health and physical multi-morbidity | 48649

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Mental health and physical multi-morbidity

Annual Congress & Medicare Expo on Primary Healthcare

April 25-27, 2016 Dubai, UAE

Mogens Vestergaard

Aarhus University, Denmark

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Abstract :

Mental and physical multi-morbidity, i.e., the co-existence of at least one mental and one physical chronic condition, constitutes a major challenge in modern healthcare. This talk will address this particular topic and will present new research based on comprehensive data from Danish nationwide registries. Our results demonstrate that persons with poor mental health have higher risk and poorer prognosis of physical conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, dementia, diabetes and infections. These new findings emphasize that there is an urgent need to focus on the individual person and to rethink healthcare policies. As the healthcare system has become increasingly specialized and fragmented, we need to develop effective and interdisciplinary approaches to comply with the complex care needs of this patient group.

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