Intradural intramedullary teratoma presenting in the lumbar spine | 49249

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ISSN - 2167-1079

Intradural intramedullary teratoma presenting in the lumbar spine: Report of a rare case

3rd Annual Congress & Medicare Expo on Primary Healthcare, Clinical & Medical Case Reports

April 17-19, 2017 Dubai, UAE

Taha Fereydouni, Alireza Mohammadi, Ali Rahbari, Peyman Mokarian and Zoha Khademi

Arak University of Medical Sciences, Iran

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Abstract :

Intradural teratoma is an exceedingly unique phenomenon. They are tumors with the cellular constituent source of all the three germ cell layers. We herein report a case of an 18â??yearâ??old male with special pathological features. There was no history of spinal dysraphism, congenital spinal abnormalities, previous spinal surgery or lumbar puncture. Lumbosacral spine magnetic resonance imaging revealed a well-delineated, intramedullary mass at the L2-L3 levels of the lumbar spine. Histopathologic examination of the resected tumor revealed cystic spaces lined with simple columnar epithelium as well as mucus secreting epithelium, adipose tissue, salivary gland like serous cell and bundles of smooth muscle cells. Unusual histopathologic features have been seen in the case, for example there were no cartilage components which are mostly found in mature teratomas, abundant pacinian corpuscle nerve endings and nerve trunks. There were no immature elements or malignant cells teratomas should be taken into consideration in the differential diagnosis of intramedullary lesions even when the imaging reveals tissue homogeneity.

Biography :

Taha Fereydouni has completed his Diploma from National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents (NODET) and is a 6-year-Medical Student at Arak University of Medical sciences. He has worked on more than 20 papers. He is so interested in neurosurgery and neuropathology and other fields related to tumors. He has presented 2 oral articles. Diploma of honor is awarded to him on the chosen student article of international congress of pathology and laboratory medicine-2017.