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April 25-27, 2016 Dubai, UAE

Rajni Nair

Metro-North Hospital Health Services, Australia

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: Primary Health Care

Abstract :

Hospital in the Home (HITH) involves the provision of acute, sub-acute treatments by health care professionals at a patientâ??s usual place of residence as a substitute for inpatient care received at a hospital. Patients are considered to be inpatient with preservation of medical governance. Most states and territories in Australia have HITH programs under which admitted patients are provided with hospital care in the home. The drive for HITH care in Australia has been due to rising health care costs increasing the need to reduce inefficient health care expenditure; growth in the demand of inpatient care in the context of limited public hospital bed supply; shifting demographics and population growth, hospital access issue, increased responsive to consumer preferences; and the development of portable hospital technologies, drugs delivery devices. The Metro-North HITH model of care has incorporated 4 teritiary hospitals, with care provision provided to patients in varied diagnosis related groups (DRG), with intravenous antibiotics, fluid management, wound managment, blood transfusion, peritoneal dialysis and rehabilitation. Studies have shown that HITH is more beneficial when access block to hospitals is interjected, in Emergency Department. A pilot project conducted in one of the teritiary hospitals showed that the presence of a HITH nurse within the Emergency Department, proved to be very effective and efficient in referring patients onto the HITH services. Other than the lesser waiting time for patient, outcomes were predominantly the portrayal of the efficiency in health services, cost savings, patient statisfaction, further referrals and less representation back to hospital.

Biography :

Rajni Nair has completed her Master’s in Health Care Research from Griffith University, Ausralia and has publications related to "Extent and application of patient diaries in Intensive care unit in Australia". She has been the guest speaker in various conferences, like the Australian College of Critical Care Nurses, and the Australian and NewZealand Intensive Care Society. She is the Nursing Director of Hospital in the Home service, in the Metro-North Health Services in Queensland. She has done extensive work in this sector, where active research is being conducted in “Hospial in the Home” and how the model would be effective to assist in patient journey in the field or Rehabilitation, Delirium, and more.