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Primary Health Care: Open Access

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Generic Innovative Products

6th Annual Congress and Medicare Expo on Primary Healthcare

May 14-16, 2018 Tokyo, Japan

Takafumi Atarashi

Open Medical Consulting/AKT Consulting Group K.K, Japan

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: Primary Health Care

Abstract :

In the past ten years, Japan has taken the form of giving benefits to medical institutions and dispensing pharmacies for dissemination of generic drugs. Among the medicines for which patent wants to break now, generic drugs have nearly 70% market share, but the country aims at something more than 80%. Meanwhile, long-term listed drugs from the year when the patent expired in 10 to 12 years, will be as the same price as generic drugs. For generic pharmaceutical companies and original drug companies that are not going to develop new drugs are also in a very difficult situation. In order to overcome competition in the long-listed items and generic drug market, it is necessary not only to price strategy, but also generic innovative product such as Tablet size changes, DDS change and package changes, have been requested. Japan is required to have value-added generics than other countries.

Biography :

Takafumi Atarashi is the President of Open Medical Consulting/AKT Consulting Group K.K. After graduating from KEIO University. Takeda experienced MR, marketing, overseas sales, afterwards MBA were acquired in Ashridge, City University in UK, and he was Director of Marketing Division at Roche, BD, Mylan and B+M. He established Open Medical Consulting (OMC) in 2011, and as President of AKT Consulting Group K.K., currently consults life science companies and healthcare organizations using IT technology.