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Exploring the life stories of nurses caring for patients with terminal illness

9th Asia Pacific Global Summit on Healthcare & Immunology

July 03-05, 2017 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Yung-Hua Liu, Ya-Lie Ku, Wan-Ping Yang and Chuan Chiang Chou

Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan
Fooyin University, Taiwan
Chang Jung Christian University, Taiwan

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Abstract :

The present study explored the life stories of nurses caring for patients with terminal illness. In this narrative study, five nurses who cared for patients with terminal illness were enrolled using a semi-structured guideline for data collection. Each nurse was individually interviewed twice. The first data analysis was based on the integrated content model reported by Lieblich, Mashiach, and Zilber (2008) for analyzing all data in context. The second data analysis was conducted following the category content model, which classifies contextualized experiences according to specific categories. The nurses were women aged 28ΓΆΒ?Β?41 years, with various religious beliefs and no chronic diseases; their family members had undergone hospitalization experiences and had been enrolled in spirituality-related training courses; the nurses had a total average nursing experience of 12.5 years. The study identified five life themes, namely: maintaining rightness and hating evil in the true moment; wandering because of the lack of emotional bonds to homes; release from spiritual imprisonment to nirvana; a heart that contains no desire and that releases emotions as if they were water; and the enjoyment of spiritual traveling when boundaries are erased. Furthermore, the results revealed that the nurses shared their life stories with other nurses for promoting concepts of and passion for spirituality, and continued disseminating their stories and transforming their professional growth.

Biography :

Yung-Hua Liu has completed her Master’s in Nursing Science from Department of Nursing, Fooyin University. She personally has worked in different nursing clinics for 13 years, including medical and surgical intensive care units, GI, Hemo, and RHC units. Currently, she has involved into the narrative studies with her adviser Ya-Lie Ku and published a series of conference papers on narrative studies. Now, she is the OPD Nurse working in the Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital.