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Evaluating the governmental health expenditure pattern and its association with health outcomes in Egyptian governorates

3rd World Congress on Healthcare & Health Economics

July 26-27, 2018 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Wessam Abass, Khaled Abdelhalim and Sherine Shwky

Center of Sustainable Development, Egypt
School of Public Policy and Global Affairs, Egypt
Social Research Center, Egypt

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Statement of the Problem: Health is one of the basic human rights; it is considered an essential contributor to the economic growth and social prosperity. Not all citizens are able to access quality healthcare services, accordingly most countries, if not all, allocate a considerable fund to the healthcare provision. In fact, there is no general agreement about the effectiveness of monetary health inputs against health outcomes. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the health care system and the current governmental health expenditure pattern in Egyptian governorates and its relation to the selected health outcomes. Methodology: The study has conducted secondary analysis for grouped data from different sources for year 2013-2014, applying descriptive, correlation and regression analysis by using SPSS tool. Findings: It was found that health financing system in Egypt is suffering from inefficiencies and inequalities; in addition, there are disparities between governorates and regions in socioeconomic, health conditions, public expenditure and health outcomes. Upper Egypt region suffers more than other regions. Furthermore, there is an association between public health expenditure and health outcomes but the current expenditure pattern does not improve the health outcome. Conclusion & Significance: The research study has concluded that there is an equity gap between governorates and public resources reallocation which is a key solution to solve health inequity problem. Recommendations are made for the Ministry of Health and Population in Egypt to adopt a resource allocation formula (Health needs formula) to ensure equitable allocation of resources between the Egyptian governorates.

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