Effect of dasatinib on a cancer-like cell line: c-Jun N-terminal | 48626

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Effect of dasatinib on a cancer-like cell line: c-Jun N-terminal kinase knockout MEFs

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April 25-27, 2016 Dubai, UAE

Khalid Faisal Al Ghadam

Imam Mohammed Bin Saud University, Saudi Arabia

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Abstract :

In this project we sat out to determine the effect of Dasatinib on the JNK KO MEFs metabolism (ATP levels, oxygen consumption rate (OCR) and toxicity. Unfortunately we didn├ó┬?┬?t see adverse effects until we increased the drug dosage 10 times the normal. We observed the levels of ATP, OCR and the live cells drop after applying the drug. We also observed the effect of the Dasatinib on the JNK KO├ó┬?┬?s mitochondria and the results showed that mitochondria become more filamentous upon the fluorescent stain.

Biography :

My name is Khalid Faisal Al Ghadam. I'm 24 years old. Born in Abha, Saudi Arabia in 1992. Moved to Riyadh along with my family at the age of 3. Studied elementary, mid and high school in Riyadh and now I'm a senior medical student at Al Imam Mohammed Ibn Saud Islamic University. I'm interested in medical research. Attended a biomedical research course at Florida International University, and conducted a research there. Also participated in 2 more researches, one was conducted at the University of Arizona, the other one was at my college.