E-BABE-The hidden relation, clues of autism, ADHD, and depression | 49883

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E-BABE-The hidden relation, clues of autism, ADHD, and depression which reveal the effective cause and cure

3rd World Congress on Healthcare & Health Economics

July 26-27, 2018 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Van Duy Dao

Hanoi University of Pharmacy, Vietnam

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Abstract :

They lack social skills, they cannot talk: language is the product of living environment - as your native language and my native language, we speak it naturally without thinking at all. We are not born with our native language, so I doubt their connection with their living environment and/or the state of mind that they cannot/don't want to learn. You can test them with Aesop fables (they do not understand), pretending game - they do not understand, interacting, communicating or persuading. They are in the low level of this. For official test: you can test them with EQ test, and Aesop stories, metaphors. All these low-level vital skills make them never feel safe, connection to the environment: it makes them stress. Over time, it makes the downward spiral that make them more and more lack of social skills and suffer more stress.

Biography :

Van Duy Dao has completed his pharmacist bachelor degree at the age of 23 years from Hanoi University of pharmacy. He is a personal development lover, meditation practitioners, and lifelong learner, all combine to find the answer for human problems.