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Dimensions of family care

6th Annual Congress and Medicare Expo on Primary Healthcare

May 14-16, 2018 Tokyo, Japan

Rosa Maria Ostiguin Melendez

National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico

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Abstract :

The family provides care for the development or preservation of the health of its members even under exceptional conditions of illness or disability. Health professionals for an assertive practice should consider the family as a subject with their own care processes that are valid and validated by their members. In this context, family care should be explored as a process where deep dimensions interact that give meaning and direction to do, to do and to be in group action, where love and the care ethos impels it permanently for the unfolding of care expressions/resonances, which are driven by fundamental family principles. The aim of the study was to explore family care in the Mexican population to analyze the dimensions that underlie and mobilize care in that social unit. The study was qualitative, exploratory and descriptive. Results show that care in Mexican families shows dimensions of care, ethics, aesthetic and ontological. Family care has three dimensions: Ethics that recover the virtuous sense of attitudes, habits, hopes and obligations that drive the duty of the family, also the aesthetic that weighs the feelings as the art of family care to precipitate the doing of care and the ontological that mobilizes the being-family to express the care of the group through the generational resonances of the same.