Application of generalized elastic coupon model in US healthcare | 50439

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Application of generalized elastic coupon model in US healthcare market

5th World Congress on Health Economics, Health Policy and Healthcare Management

October 14-15, 2019 | Copenhagen, Denmark

Ashoke Bose

US Department of Veterans Affairs, USA

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Abstract :

The Generalized Elastic Coupon (GEC) model of marketing is a cooperative model of marketing where two marketers cooperate with each other to meet their individual objective as well as the needs of their customers in a most effective way. In a traditional marketing model, two marketers compete to meet their objectives. For example, in auction based advertisement model of marketing in internet, marketers bid for best location for Ad placement to get a click from a potential customer. In GEC model as implemented in platform (1, 2), there is no bidding for the best location for Ad placement. In fact, there is no advertisement by marketers. The marketers issue coupons (incentives) to real consumers who buy their services. These consumers may come back to the same provider to redeem their coupons, or they may go to any other providers in the network. However, the value of the coupon will change according to the rank (position) of the coupon issuer and coupon acceptor in a list, which is compiled by the evaluation of service providers by their clients.