Antibiotic resistance: The need for a global strategy | 49918

Primary Health Care: Open Access

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Antibiotic resistance: The need for a global strategy

4th World Congress on Health Economics, Health Policy and Healthcare Management

September 13-14, 2018 | Zurich, Switzerland

David Elder

David P. Elder Consultancy, UK

Keynote: Primary Health Care

Abstract :

The development of antibiotic resistance is a major problem for mankind and results in fatal consequences on a daily basis across the globe. There are a number of reasons for this situation including increasing globalization with worldwide travel, health tourism, over use and ineffective use (both in man and animals), and counterfeiting of the antimicrobial drug products we have available currently. Although there are huge economical, demographic, legal and logistic differences among the global communities, there are also differences regarding the best approach to dealing with antibiotic resistance. However, as resistant bacteria do not respect international borders, there is clearly a need for a global strategy to minimize the spread of antibiotic resistance, to optimize the use of antibiotics, and to facilitate the development of new and effective medications. This commentary provides an insight into the issues and some of the ongoing programs to ensure an effective treatment for the future. Recent Publications 1. Elder DP, Crowley PJ (2017) Antimicrobial preservatives Part Three: Challenges facing preservative systems. Amer. Pharm. Rev. 20 (7): 26-33. 2. Elder DP, Crowley PJ. (2017) Antimicrobial preservatives Part Two: Choosing a preservative. Amer. Pharm. Rev. 20 (6): 74-58. 3. Elder DP, Crowley PJ. (2017) Antimicrobial preservatives Part One: Choosing a preservative system. Amer. Pharm. Rev. 20 (5): 44-52. 4. Elder DP (2017) The Use of Preservatives in Multi-Dose products: Balancing Efficacy and Safety. Eur. Pharm. Rev. 22 (5): 7. 5. Elder DP, Kuntz M, Holm R (2016) Antibiotic Resistance: The Need for a Global Strategy. J. Pharm. Sci. 105 (8): 2278- 2287.

Biography :

David Elder has received his BS, MS and PhD Degree’s, the latter from Edinburgh University, UK. He has 40 years of service within the pharmaceutical industry, with Sterling, Syntex and GSK. He is currently an independent CMC Consultant. He is a Visiting Professor at King’s College, London; a member of the British Pharmacopoeia (BP) and the Editorial Advisory Board for the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. He has published over 130 papers and presented over 130 presentations at international symposia. He has co-edited two books: “Analytical Characterization and Separation of Oligonucleotides and their Impurities” and “ICH Quality Guidelines”.