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Analysis on study trend of adolescent's health literacy in Chinese literature by visual knowledge map

11th Asia Pacific Global Summit on Healthcare

May 08-09, 2019 Tokyo, Japan

Linan Cheng

Sichuan University, China

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: Prim Health Care

Abstract :

Background & Aim: Numerous studies of health literacy about teenagers or students in junior/senior high schools are increasing in China. But little attention has been paid to the special group of left-behind teenagers in ethnic areas in China. Aim is to confirm the model of functional health literacy and analyze what influences the functional health literacy about leftbehind students in senior high schools.

Method: Students in senior high schools were investigated by a cross-sectional method in Yanbian areas, IBM SPSS 22.0 and Amos17.0 were used for statistical analysis.

Result: The modelā??s results are relatively good, all the absolute fitness index, value-added fitness index and simple fitness index reach the fitness standard. The overall score of functional health literacy was 0.65Ā±0.12, which is in the upper middle class. Gender, nation, residence, mothers education, self-assessment of one year's scores, whether or not you like health education contents have an impact on overall functional health literacy. A regression model established has statistical significance (Durbin-Watson is 1.835, F=6.492, P=0.000. The independent variables entering the regression model (urban and rural, male and female, above self-assessment scores and medium, below self-assessment scores and medium, whether or not you like health education content & whatever) account for 15.4%.

Conclusion: Overall, the modelā??s reliability and validity of functional health literacy about left-behind students in senior high schools are relatively good and could be evaluated in some way, which also could provide a strong basis for improving their health literacy level by further analysis.

Biography :

Linan Cheng has completed graduation from Sichuan University. Linan Cheng is currently working in West China Hospital, Sichuan University, China.