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Ageing health

3rd Annual Congress & Medicare Expo on Primary Healthcare, Clinical & Medical Case Reports

April 17-19, 2017 Dubai, UAE

Mohammadjavad Veisimiankali

Iran's Medical Science, Iran

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Abstract :

Introduction: Background: The population of ageing in Iran and other countries are increasing, and our attention to this group's health is important to prevent some diseases and health promotion is necessary. We have a definition of health on this basis. This article is studied about concepts health in during ageing. Present studying has been come out from text and researches which have been done. Method: I have done this study withe comprehensive passing and deep search from information base of science like: scopus, pubmed, proqust, magiran. Irandoc with words: health, health ageing, health status, assessment health and health measurement, without limitation of year. Finding: The main revenue about ageing health in the text contains medicals model and mental function. Medical model assessment about body problems and functions assessment about oneself perception. So oneself perception is a useful indicator to explaining the level of their health. Conclusion: The ageing is important group at our communities; studying about ageing health has more mental aspects than other, so fpr this reason studying about ageing health has not to be limited only about medicals aspect.

Biography :

Mohammadjavad veisimiankali has a master of ageing nursing. He has educated in Iran's medical science now he want establish a center keeping of ageing in his city Kermanshah. So he has worked in heart hospital since2013.