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RNA-Seq (named as an abbreviation of "RNA sequencing") is a particular technology-based totally sequencing approach which uses next-generation sequencing (NGS) to show the presence and quantity of RNA in a organic sample at a given moment, studying the constantly changing cellular transcriptome. A examine refers to the sequence of a cluster this is acquired after the end of the sequencing technique which is in the long run the sequence of a section of a unique fragment. If an RNA is expressed in excessive copies then there will be more reads coming from it; reads may be redundant as nicely. step one within the technique entails converting the populace of RNA to be sequenced into cDNA fragments (a cDNA library). This permits the RNA to be placed into an NGS workflow. Adapters are then delivered to every give up of the fragments. .The sequencing often follows either unmarried-examine or paired-give up sequencing methods. While sequencing DNA offers a genetic profile of an organism, sequencing RNA displays best the sequences which can be actively expressed within the cells. To sequence RNA, the standard technique is first to reverse transcribe the RNA extracted from the sample to generate cDNA fragments.

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