Clinical and Experimental Psychology

Special Issue Guidelines

Clinical and Experimental Psychology welcomes proposals for creating special issues that fall within the scope of Psychology journals published by International Online Medical Council (IOMC). The special issues should aim at exploring recent advances in designing, building, manufacturing, and other technical areas concerned with all branches of engineering. We seek original unpublished works that represent specific areas of research which can widen the scope of technological applications to all fields of Psychology.

Proposal Preparation Special issues will be released on a monthly basis and proposals will be accepted accordingly. All proposals should include the following information: Title of the proposed special issue Purpose and current relevance List of topics to be covered List of potential contributors Guest Editor(s) and Reviewers Address, phone, e-mail, and fax of guest editors and reviewers Tentative deadlines for submission and review process (Timeline for submission, review, and final acceptance).

All praposals should submitted to Online Submission System or send as an e-mail attachment to the Editorial Office at

Role of EB Members

  • Review the special issue proposals for relevance to current research in the concerned field.
  • Recommend suitable proposals and their guest editors along with their biographies.

Once a proposal has been accepted by the EB members for creating a special issue, the corresponding guest editors will be responsible for handling and processing of the special issue articles.

Article Processing Charges

Clinical and Experimental Psychology is self-financed and does not receive funding from any institution/government. Hence, the Journal operates solely through processing charges we receive from the authors and some academic/corporate sponsors. The handling fee is required to meet its maintenance. Being an Open Access Journal,Journal of Clinical and Experimental Psychology does not collect subscription charges from readers that enjoy free online access to the articles. Authors are hence required to pay a fair handling fee for processing their articles. However, there are no submission charges. Authors are required to make payment only after their manuscript has been accepted for publication.


If authors wish to retract their paper after rigorous review and revisions, he/she will be liable to pay 30% of the total expenses (APC) on their article as a fee for processing. Since, the review process requires input of Editors, Reviewers, Associate Managing Editors, Editorial Assistants, Content Writers, Manuscript Submission System & other online tracking systems to ensure that the published article is of good quality and is in its best possible form.

Individual waiver requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis and for authors from low-income countries.