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Shahin Gavanji

Shahin Gavanji
Faculty of Advanced Sciences and Technologies, Department of Biotechnology
University of Isfahan, Iran


Shahin Gavanji is the Chairmanship of "WAMS National Council of Iran at World Academy of Medical Sciences(WAMS), Having extensive experience as a research scientist in Clinical and Molecular Oncology, he is the holder of landmark theories. Shahin Gavanji graduated in Biotechnology at the Department of Biotechnology, Faculty of Advanced Sciences and Technologies, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran. He has over 10 World medals in invention. Shahin Gavanji's research has focused on "Oncogenesis", "Metastasis", "Cancer Stem Cells", "Tumor Cell Biology", "Molecular Oncopathology", "Cell Signaling", "Signal Transduction", "Extracellular Matrix" and the "Origin and Evolution of Cancer".

Research Interest