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ISSN - 2167-1079

Kamal Jain

Data Science Evangelist, Mentor, United Arab Emirates


  • Perspective   
    Artificial Intelligence for Precision Medicine and Better Healthcare
    Author(s): Kamal Jain* and Vinita Shah

    Precision medicine is an important and growing area of research, development and healthcare for the diagnosis of diseases and patients precare. It involves analysis of a patient's personal data, genetic information, circumstances to diagnose and cure the disease. It allows researchers to design and develop the medication for prevention of specific viruses. It has the potential to improvise the traditional symptom driven retrospective practice of medicine, by allowing earlier interventions with advanced diagnostics, which can further be used for tailoring personalized treatments. Identification of the pathway for developing a personalized medicine involves analyzing comprehensive patient information along with broader aspects to monitor and distinguish between healthy and sick people, which will lead to a better understanding of biological indicators that can signal shifts in healt.. View More»

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