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Ameer Muhammad

Research -Specialist-Vital Pakistan Trust, Pakistan


  • Short Communication   
    Is Vitamin C Supplementation Associated with Low Birth Weight in Low and Middle Income Countries?
    Author(s): Ameer Muhammad*, Yasir Shafiq and Rawshan Jabeen

    Globally, it is estimated that 16 per cent of the children are born with low birth weight (LBW), which means 22 million children are born with a birth weight of fewer than 2500 grams according to a definition of the World Health Organization (WHO). Around 96 per cent of LBW children are born in lowand middle-income countries with prevalence is as high as 38 per cent. Nearly, 2.7 million children die each year during the first month of life which is around 45 per cent of all under-five death. Recent estimates from Pakistan suggests that with an annual birth cohort of five million children, 16 % are preterm and 32 % are LBW, which is translated into 1 million babies are risk of death due to LBW. The role which Vitamin C could play in preventing LBW or whether it is associated with LBW, is currently not only provocative, but also demanding public health researchers from countries like P.. View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2167-1079.21.11.376

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