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ISSN - 2167-1079

Al-shadieeyah Al-Zaytoonah

Faculty of Science, University of Jordan, Jordan


  • Short Communication   
    After Intermediate-Grade Abdominal Surgery, E-Health Provides Personalised Perioperative Care
    Author(s): Al-shadieeyah Al-Zaytoonah*

    EHealth initiatives, including in perioperative care, are becoming increasingly popular. In patients who have had gynaecological surgery, an e-health care programme must have a favourable impact on return to work, quality of life, and pain. Providing the care programme to a population undergoing various types of surgery could potentially be advantageous. It is critical to instruct and guide patients following surgery in order for them to recover successfully. However, due to efficiency-driven, shortened hospital stays, the amount of time that health-care personnel can spend with their patients postoperatively has decreased. The impact of a personalised e-health-care programme on post-surgery return to normal activities. E-Health is the use of information and communication technology (ICT) in support of health and health-related disciplines that is both cost-effective and secure. It al.. View More»

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