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Prepageran N

Prepageran N


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    Common Aeroallergens by Skin Prick Test among the Population in Two Different Regions
    Author(s): Siti Nadzrah Y, Zulkiflee AB and Prepageran NSiti Nadzrah Y, Zulkiflee AB and Prepageran N

    Abstract Objectives: The purpose of this study primarily was to determine and characterise the common allergens found using skin prick test both in Malaysia and the Netherlands. Study Design: This is retrospective cross-sectional descriptive study which the data was collected from two different hospitals. Methodology: The study population included patients with history of atopy and / or diagnosed with any forms of allergy, mainly nasal allergy that were referred for skin prick test. Results: In 284 respondents, the Asians showed significantly (p<0.001) higher percentage of positive response towards most of the subgroups of aeroallergen especially house dust mite (82.4%) as compared to the Europeans (41.2%). More than half (84.3%) of the Asian population had positive test responses to one or more aeroallergens and the highest prevalence was for house dust mite, 69% - 78% (Dermatopha.. View More»

    DOI: 10.4172/2167-1079.1000206

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