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Partho P Sengupta

Partho P Sengupta
Zena and Michael A Wiener Cardiovascular Institute,
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York

  • Commentary
    Zoning as a Human Rights Violation: Is Zoning Associated with Increased Health-Risk and Health Care Disparity?
    Author(s): Travis Bergmann and Partho P SenguptaTravis Bergmann and Partho P Sengupta

    Human rights violations are not always as clear as people would like. When they involve the direct violation of an individual’s life, such as forced labor or false imprisonment, or they result in death, society can easily identify and oppose them. On the other hand less conspicuous risks derived from governmental policies such as zoning laws are difficult to recognize. This review provides evidence of how zoning is associated with health-risk and disparity in health care delivery. Disparities resulting from zoning heighten human stress and lead to maladapted behavioral changes that cluster with diseased conditions like obesity. Zoning, as a human rights violation is difficult to understand, however, this lack of recognition is a direct result from socially acceptable processes that have created the way we live our life. There are multiple social processes masking human rights vi.. View More»

    DOI: 10.4172/2167-1079.1000226

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