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Nimmi Athuraliya

Nimmi Athuraliya

Clinical Academic/Staff Specialist, Clinical Pharmacology and General Medicine, University of Newcastle


I am a Sri Lankan and had my education in Kandy, Sri Lanka. My postgraduate training was obtained in the UK. In 2009 I moved to Australia. Currently I am working as a Clinician and an academic in Clinical Pharmacology and General Medicine at the University of Newcastle, Australia. I am an experienced teacher and a clinician from a developing middle income country and a high income developed country, with special interests in ‘quality health care’ which includes rational use of medicines and effective communication. I have worked as an editor of a drugs and therapeutics bulletin in Sri Lanka, which disseminated knowledge on therapies of common problems among the primary health care physicians in remote areas. Currently my main interest is in the field of medication reconciliation particularly in vulnerable groups of populations in Australia, where overuse of medicines is common. My goal in life is to travel and learn on different cultural background of people.

Research Interest

The temporal and spatial distribution of CKD patients in selected provinces of Sri Lanka, Access and use of Medicines in Sri Lanka (Collaborative research between the University of Newcastle, Australia and the University of Peradeniya), Drug-Drug interactions in the elderly and frailty score, Medication reconciliation during transition from community to the hospital and back to the community

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