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Aryastami K

Aryastami K
Center for Humanity and Health Management,

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    Immunization’s Seeking Behavior for Children: Gender and Geographical Perspectives
    Author(s): Aryastami K and Ratna WAryastami K and Ratna W

    Immunization to protect children from preventable diseases provided free in Indonesia. Nevertheless, the coverage of completed immunization was hardly be achieved. A qualitative study through Rapid Assessment was conducted in 2011 to in-depthly understand the information related the services utilization from gender and geographical perspective. Three specified areas of isles, country’s border and remoteness were selected based on the reason of prejudicial circumstances such as ethnicity, distance, and infrastructure limitation. The study found, knowledge of immunization among parents was very weak. Mothers knew immunization, but not comprehend of the function, names and the diseases that can be prevented. Conversely, fathers had better insight, but, in-case of mother unable to bring along the children to the immunization venue, father felt ashame to go and would rather to delay .. View More»

    DOI: 10.4172/2167-1079.1000297

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