Journal of Arthritis

ISSN - 2167-7921

Shamim Ahmad Bhat

Shamim Ahmad Bhat
Resident Orthopaedic Government Medical College Srinagar


Hospital for Bone and Joint Surgeries, Government Medical College, Srinagar (Resident Orthopaedic) from 1st May 2012 to 28th May 2015(work experience as postgraduate). Managed independently emergency patients in first year pg  Managed patients with minor injuries and infective conditions independently in emergency theatre in first and second year.  Assisted all kinds of major surgeries like total knee replacement, hip replacement, spine trauma, dissectomy, listhesis correction, traumatic spine fixation, club foot correction, cerebral palsy , postpolio residual paralysis, triple arthodesis, shoulder fracture fixation.  Assited arthroscopy of knee;( partial menisectomy, ACL reconstruction) and shoulder arthroscopy  Independent trauma surgeries like DHS fixation, ILIMN femur tibia, HAP (bipolar)  ORIF fibula, malleoli, both bones forearm, humerus, distal end radius  Ilizarov ring fixation for infected non- union, LLD. Managed paediatric patients with CTEV, perhthes, scfe  Small bone fracture of Hand and feet with CR/OR with k wire fixation. Arthrotomies for septic arthritis   Closed reduction and pop cast in paediatric fractures, distal end radius, minimally displaced fractures.

Research Interest

Paediatric orthopaedics and trauma, Foot and ankle, Adult trauma, Ilizrov and reconstruction.