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Clinical and Experimental Psychology

The sound of lost souls: Short film illustration

2nd World Congress on Psychiatry and Psychological Syndromes

November 11-12, 2019 | Madrid, Spain

Melihat Aggul

Ataturk Education and Research Hospital Community Mental Health Service, Turkey

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: Clin Exp Psychol

Abstract :

Sound of the lost souls was made by volunteer young friends outside the health area with three clients. The name of the film was designated by clients. Stigma was also important in term of work. The end of the film they were affected who are the relatives of the family. They stated that the first time they were considered important themselves by another people. In the film they mentioned about what they did when the day was starting. It was a three different life. Their cultural characteristic and gender were different from each other. They were live in the metropolis. They shared to what they lived within community. They were in communication with community mental health center. Their hobbies were different. Mostly they had a mother. The mother of the family members who cared for chronic diseases. Frequently, the clients complained about couldnā??t find a job and also couldn’t work in any job. Even if they find a job, they complain about failing to achieve success. In public they try tonsay we donā??t have any problems, meanwhile some clients don’t want to show their faces. This situation indicate that how intense the stigma is in the society. They mentioned about they have difficulty at transportation. They spoke of what they do in the their home, how they sped time. they spoke of coupled with their future plan and the general attitude of society. Mentioned about the loss of the disease on their lives. The names of our families and clients were not written because they had their own demands. They shared their own house, private life with us. For this reason big thanks to them. While we were showing the short film to them their reactions were like hole different short films and this is so imagional. If our labours could make awareness it is such a honor for us. We are believe in that this labours can be useful only in case of we shared this subject in public.We are thinking that we will reach more people’s awareness with your supports. Considering the therapeutical and improving power on clients, psychosocial therapies are of important and there are so many quite significant outputs on the results.

Keywords: schizophrenia, stigma, rehabilitation.

Biography :

Melihat Aggul was born in 1966 at Izmir. She studied primary school at Kiraz, and health college in Izmir. She had two-years degree at Anatolian University. She took office at 1985 and have been working at Atatürk Education and Research Hospital Community Mental Health Service for 3 years. She had Psychiatric Nursing Certificate of Ministry of Health in 2018. She had 5 diferent short-films which she created the scenario and production.