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Clinical and Experimental Psychology

Reading together: The relation between the oxytocin and the reading out loud

30th World Summit on Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, Psychotherapy and Philosophy

March 18-19, 2019 | Chicago, USA

Thais Cristina Martino Sehn, Stan Ruecker,Leandro Tonetto, Gabriela Pizzato and Jose Aymone

Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

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Abstract :

Nowadays, reading together is usually associated with an activity address for someone with difficulty to understand the writing codec, like the children, that is not alphabetized, or with people who have vision problems. However, it was a social activity between adults until the eighteen century (Williams, 2017). Sonneschein and Munsterman (2002) identified that the quality of affect interaction is the principal children`s motivation for the interesting in books. Likewise, Peixoto and Leal (2008) show that the activity offers pleasure also to the readeradult, even if the reader does not have the habit of reading. The oxytocin is considered the hormone of love. Many studies show how the oxytocin changes in accordance with the activities and with who you are developing the action. Seltzer et al. (2010) demonstrates that the vocalization higher the levels of oxytocin in humans. The study proves that this hormone is produced in the same way with touch interaction or oral communication (without touch). Furthermore, Leslie et al. (2011) showed that the levels of oxytocin mushrooms with touch and vocal contact, but not change with a text message. The relation between the voice with the hormone was not tested yet between adults. The aim of this work is to do an experimental study, analyzing if it the level of oxytocin between couples will higher when they read out loud together, one for each other. This experiment will be done with a sample of 30 couples. The oxytocin of both (reading and listener) will be measured before and after the reading to analyze the change of the activity. The practice of reading out loud for a beloved one demands attention and dedication for both sides: the reader and the listener. Through the sharing reading, they might create a particular ritual to spend a moment that belongs only to them.

Biography :

Thais Cristina Martino Sehn is a Fulbright and Capes Scholarship Grantee currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Design at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. As part of her doctoral program, she is a Visiting Researcher at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the US. Previously, she worked as a Professor, teaching Graphic and Digital Design topics in two universities in Brazil, at PUCRS (2017) and UFPel (2014-2016). After that, she established her own graphic design studio Ame Studio Criativo. Now, she is studying Emotional Design, with the focus in positive psychology, and reading.