Positive psychology intervention as a panacea for career choice | 50340

Clinical and Experimental Psychology

Positive psychology intervention as a panacea for career choice

30th World Summit on Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, Psychotherapy and Philosophy

March 18-19, 2019 | Chicago, USA

Emmanuel Ushie Ebuara

Federal College Of Education Obudu, Nigeria

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Abstract :

A number of misunderstandings or misconceptions of positive psychology seem to interfere, however, with the focus that has been placed upon training psychologists to utilize and contribute to the development of career choice and application in the society. It is pertinent to love what we do and feel that what we do is important. Some of us struggle with the difficulty of finding our way into the right life path, while others navigate with energy and enthusiasm to fulfilling successful lives. The author believes that the principles of positive psychology can be applied to the career choice process to evaluate and enhance the capacity to find good and right work. In this paper, the author may look through a positive psychology lens at career choice or development, theory involved in career choice, therapists involved in counseling people who may like to choose a career, propose a series of interventions for the career choice process which apply strengths-based interventions that have proven effective in non-career focused settings. The outcome of the paper involved leveraging of strengths to increase wellâ??being along the way, creative exploration and career discovery, crafting powerful visions of future possibilities, cultivation of hope and perseverance to build resilience and hindering purpose and meaning to career goals.

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