Lumbar discectomy: a national survey of neurosurgeons over 10 yea | 50202

Journal of Neurology & Neurophysiology

ISSN - 2155-9562

Lumbar discectomy: a national survey of neurosurgeons over 10 years

Joint Event on 25th International Conference on Neurology: Neurochemistry Neuropharmacology and Neurosciences & International Conference on Neurooncology and Neurosurgery

September 17-18, 2018 Dubai, UAE

Edward Kachur, Majid Aljoghaiman, Amanda Martyniuk, Farrokhyar Forough, Aleksa Cenic

McMaster University, Canada

Posters & Accepted Abstracts: J Neurol Neurophysiol

Abstract :

Statement of the Problem: The purpose of our study was to ascertain neurosurgeons practices in the surgical management of one-level lumbar discectomies in the Canadian adult population and to determine any changes over a ten year period.

Method: One-page questionnaire faxed to each Neurosurgeon in Canada in 2007 and the same questionnaire faxed and/or emailed to each Neurosurgeon in Canada in 2017.

Findings: In 2007 112 completed surveys were returned ?? response rate 64% and 109 completed surveys were returned in 2017 ?? response rate 42%. Of the 13 questions asked regarding practice patterns 8 were statistically significantly different in 2017 vs. 2007 (p ? 0.05) and 5 were not statistically different. (See Table 1 and Figure 1)

Conclusion: Our surveys have identified variations in practice patterns amongst Canadian neurosurgeons with respect to performing one-level lumbar discectomies. There have been changes over a 10 year period. In particular, patients are going home sooner and returning to their activities more quickly.

Biography :

Edward Kachur received his Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree from the University of Toronto, followed by his Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree from the University of Western Ontario in 1996. He completed a neurosurgery residency in London, Ontario, Canada – University of Western Ontario, in 2002, receiving his Neurosurgery Fellowship (FRCSC) designation from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in 2002. He completed a spine fellowship from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2003. He has been a neurosurgeon / spine surgeon at Hamilton Health Sciences, General Site (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) from 2003 to the present. He is an Associate Professor at McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada). His research interests focus on spinal disorders.