Child sexual abuse in the Saudi society and#8220;the tabooand#822 | 50491

Clinical and Experimental Psychology

Child sexual abuse in the Saudi society “the taboo”

2nd World Congress on Psychiatry and Psychological Syndromes

November 11-12, 2019 | Madrid, Spain

Saad Omar Al-Khateeb

Jeddah Psychiatric Hospital, Saudi Arabia

Keynote: Clin Exp Psychol

Abstract :

Objectives: To stress the importance of this sensitive issue in our conservative society and to highlight the role of medical professional in the prevention and management of this particular problem.

Method: Saudi Arabia is a developing nation; children (less than 18) constitutes more than 60% of the population. According to Child Maltreatment Prevention Readiness Assessment Country Report: Saudi Arabia has an unexpected low score in the attitude towards prevention of child maltreatment. Child sexual abuse is a phenomena that occur worldwide the prevalence in Arabic or Islamic country is expected to be lower due to the hypocrisy in some Muslim countries ; but the reverse is also likely.

Results: Applying the pragmatic definition of child sexual abuse in our over-emotionally expressed society might give a higher rate of abuse. One unsound field survey claims that more than half of Saudi children in one area had been subjected to different type of sexual abuse using western definition of sexual abuse. Different Case report of reported child abuse in hospital based data report that more than 30% of the different type of abuse is sexual. Different predisposing factor has emerged that had a detrimental effect e.g. the use of nonprofessional nannies and car driver and the use of non-supervised internet. Preventative measure had started lately but we hope this measure will influence child sexual education & protection in the nearer future. Practical aspect of dealing with victims of child sexual abuse in our area will be highlighted in the limited but supervised work of our team including breaking the news and the use of supportive and play therapy.

Biography :

Saad Omar Al-Khateeb is a senior child & Adolescent psychiatric consultant, trained in united kingdom. Examination Board in psychiatry, Diploma in child psychiatry for oversees doctor London University, Sept 1989. One of the founder of the Saudi board in psychiatry (post graduate degree). Member of the scientific committee of the Saudi psychiatric international conference.