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This is a Randomized prospective study (Non-funded) to know the efficacy of low molecular weight heparin versus oral anti – coagulant in Indian population for prevention of deep vein thrombosis in total knee replacement. Inclusion criteria were age greater than 18 years, surgery under any anesthesia, patient undergoing TKR, Indian origin. Exclusion criteria were head injury, abdominal injury, poly trauma, history of deep vein thrombosis, indwelling epidural catheter. Total number of patients included in the study was 100. 50 patients were started on enoxaparin and 50 patients were stared on oral anti-coagulant (25 patients were given dabigatran etexalate and 25 patients were given apixaban). Enoxaparin was given 12 hours prior to the surgery whereas oral anticoagulant was started post operatively. Dabigatran etexalate was started 6-8 hours after surgery and apixaban was started 12-24 hours after surgery. Enoxaparin was given at a dose of 40mg subcutaneously once daily. Dabigatran etexalate 110 mg stat is given as first dose 6-8 hours after surgery then 220mg orally once daily. Apixaban was given at dose of 2.5mg orally twice daily. In our study detailed history of all the patients was taken and all the patients were evaluated clinically every day for deep vein thrombosis during the stay in hospital. Colour Doppler was done using linear periphera.

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