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Cancer biomarkers: Clinical research review


December 05-07, 2016 Philadelphia, USA

Ogbonna Shadrach Chidubem

All Saints University School of Medicine, Dominica

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Abstract :

Biomarker is usually molecular element that can be accurately measured as indicators of normal biological functioning. Because of this unique function and property, they have found wide application in disease diagnosis, prognosis, prediction and evaluation of treatment response. They have become an essential part of clinical medical practice and research. One area of clinical research where biomarkers have found wide and relevant application is in the area of cancer diagnosis and treatment. Cancer related incidences and deaths have continued to increase worldwide. A proper understanding of the clinical relevance of each biomarker will be very important not only for diagnosing these various cancers but also help in the choice of multiple therapeutic alternatives. Of the numerous biomarkers, few are useful for cancer diagnosis and monitoring. These include a broad range of compounds such as, lipids, sugars, nucleic acids, proteins, whole tumor cells found in the body fluids, and small metabolites, as well as cytogenetic and cytokinetic parameters. The application of biomarkers to cancer is leading the way because of the unique association of genomic changes in cancer cells with the disease process. Scientists have over the years carried out researches to discover and validate cancer biomarkers. Several promising biomarkers have been discovered, but not all validated for clinical use. This preliminary clinical research review of cancer biomarkers to date is therefore being presented to assess the stage of development, progress, success and application of the various cancer biomarkers discovered yet.

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