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We square measure news the case of a girl with eight weeks of amenorrhea World Health Organization orally received one dose of misoprostol four hundred four hundred at nighttime for ripening of cervix before female internal reproductive organ evacuation of Associate in Nursing intrauterine physiological condition sac containing one vertebrate (6.3 weeks of gestation) while not viscus activity. The patient had severe abdominal pain Associate in Nursing hour later. Her force per unit area was 70/40 mmHg and her abdomen were slightly distended with direct and symptom. A transvaginal tomography showed a 3-cm depth of a free fluid assortment within the rectouterine pouch. Her hemoglobin and hematocrit levels were of vi.5 g/dL and eighteen.4%, severally. A rupture of one.5 cm at the left female internal reproductive organ horn with a projecting physiological condition sac was known by laparotomy. The physiological condition sac was removed and hemoperitonea assortment were with success drained. the location of female internal reproductive organ rupture was primarily sutured and operative course was satisfactory. In summary, misoprostol administered within the trimester of physiological condition could manufacture female internal reproductive organ rupture.

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