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Milk Protein is the protein present in the milk. Cow milk contains different types of milk proteins like casein protein, soluble serum protein more commonly known as whey proteins. Cow milk will contain approximately 82% casein and 18% whey proteins along with a small amount of Non-Protein Nitrogen compounds. The casein proteins derive their name from the Latin word for cheese; it follows an Open Access publication model that enables the dissemination of research articles to the global community free of cost. Advances in dairy Research is one of the top journals which publish quality articles, findings dealing with Dairy Research, Dairy Farming, Milk Protein , Milk Analysis, Animal breeding, Dairy animal Production, UHT Processes and Biotechnology, Biochemistry of dairy milk and to introduce various forms of technological developments. Advances in Dairy Research are among the top journals which publish the articles related to Milk Protein. Advances in Dairy Research provide a forum for Scientists from all over the world to exchange ideas, to propagate the advancement of science.

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