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Alireza Heidari

California South University, USA


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    Image Analysis for the Classification of Brain Tumor Location on MR Images Alireza Heidari
    Author(s): Alireza Heidari*

    Diffuse gliomas are the most mundane adult primary encephalon tumors, the majority of which are glioblastomas. Albeit cancer of the encephalon is relatively infrequent, representing only remotely more than 1% of all incipient cancer cases, it is a disproportionately mundane cause of cancer-cognate death and morbidity. The prognosis for patients with glioma is concretely poor due to its infiltrative nature and constrained sensitivity to radiation therapy and chemotherapy. This development was triggered by the apperception of a vigorous and propitious prognostic and predictive effect of the codeletion of chromosomal arms 1p and 19q on overall outcome and sensitivity to chemotherapy, respectively. Next, the major predictive value of methylation of the methylguanine methyltransferase (MGMT) promoter gene for outcome after adjuvant chemotherapy in patients with glioblastoma was report.. View More»

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