International Journal of Collaborative Research on Internal Medicine & Public Health

ISSN - 1840-4529

Intensive Care Unit

Intensive Care Units have a special place in the hospital hierarchy. They are places where the number of diagnostic, treatment, care and rehabilitation procedures considerably outnumbers norms drafted for other hospital units. Such procedures are typically undertaken for a patient whose life is threatened and are necessary for sustaining basic vital functions, improving their health state and avoiding complications. Due to specific physiological and pathological changes occurring in organisms, elderly people constitute a specific group of patients hospitalised at ICUs. They may demand a greater care, including a greater nursing care. This issue has been a focal point for numerous researchers, who have been employing various methods to investigate it. One of the tools proposed to investigate this phenomenon is the TISS-28, the scale formed on the basis of the TISS scale, which was drafted in 1974 as a method for quantitative assessment of medical interventions for the sake of a patient. No research has yet been undertaken based on this tool that would attempt at assessing elderly patients’ demand for nursing care when hospitalised at ICUs. Hence this investigation may be considered innovative and give rise to a discussion focusing on this group of patients. Demand for Nursing Care from Elderly People Hospitalised at an Intensive Care Unit Mariusz Wysokinski et al.

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