International Journal of Collaborative Research on Internal Medicine & Public Health

ISSN - 1840-4529

Anesthesiology, Critical Care & Emergency Medicine

Anesthesia critical care medicine (ACCM) is a critical care subspecialty fellowship offered to graduates of residency training in anesthesiology, emergency medicine (EM), surgery, surgical subspecialties, and Ob/GYN. The focus of ACCM is the care of the critically ill patient with a specific focus on surgical, trauma, and medical-related critical care pathology, although a variety of focused and broad-based critical care training models exist. After completing fellowship training, emergency medicine-critical care medicine (EM/CCM) candidates sit for the anesthesia critical care medicine examination to become a board-certified critical care physician (intensivist) after applying through the American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM); similar to fellowship graduates of internal medicine CCM (IM/CCM) training programs (both groups apply through ABEM for ABMS formal certification).